Further Course Details

This 12 week-Life Transformation Course is guaranteed to transform you from the inside out. If you invest only 2 hours per week, you will be amazed at the inner breakthroughs you achieve through this simple transformation process designed to fit easily into your daily life.

Dates:  November 4th – February 2nd (Don’t worry, we will be sensitive to the holidays and you can do this in a way that works for you!  Imagine having EXTRA SUPPORT as you venture through the stress of the holidays–what if you could have extra peace this time around?)

Cost:  $500.00 (This is a FRACTION of what you’d be pay for one-on-one coaching sessions!)

Discounted Rate:  For the first 20 who sign up, the cost will be only $350 dollars. 

Join with a friend so you both get results:  Sign up together by 10/27 and You and the friend pay only $300 each.

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Course Overview

I’m a life transformation expert with over 15 years of experience in supporting client after client to get new results in their lives.  I’ve learned how to make life transformation easy for clients.  We will leverage digital tools to join together from anywhere in the world to learn, grow and get new results in our lives during the 12 week period.

I’ve designed this course so you can do it on YOUR terms and fit it easily into your life!

Every Sunday you will have access to a learning video with a simple, practical life-changing exercise.  You watch the video.  If you spend a few minutes each day doing the exercises, you will begin to transform from the inside out.  If you have questions, insights or comments to share during the week, I will be available through our on-line platform for on-going dialogue to keep you making progress on your journey.

Every other week, we will have a Tuesday night Video Conference call from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. E.S.T. to share insights, process ah-ha’s and work through any seeming stuck points.  You will look forward to seeing familiar faces, all committed to personal transformation.

(Listen—if you can’t make it to the call or if you want to remain anonymous, the video conference will be taped and you can listen to it on your own time. If your internet connection doesn’t support live streaming data, you can either call in to the conference via phone or watch the recorded video on your own time.  Yes, I made this so it is flexible!)

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Our Plan for Three Months of Transformation

Get ready—we will cover a lot of helpful topics!

November – Weeks 0 to 4:  Growing Self- & Life Awareness 

Week 0:  Introductions & Strengths Assessment

Week 1:  Growing Awareness:  What is Your Life Telling you?

Week 2:  Growing Awareness: Thoughts, Emotions, Body Connections

Week 3:  Writing the New Thought Script & the Power of Practice

Week 4:  Tools to Increase Your Positive Energy

In a supportive and gentle way, you will take a look at the messages your life has been giving you.  You will also begin to discover thought patterns that may be robbing you of joy, draining your energy and keeping you repeating old patterns.  You will identify opportunities to think better, feel better and create new, empowered patterns.  You will realize that you aren’t alone—everyone has inner clean-up work to do and it can be fun to do this with others who want to make progress in their lives.

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December, Weeks 5 to 8:   Unlocking your Dreams and Unleashing Your Happiness

Week 5:  Opening to Your Hopes and Dreams – AND the Power of Silence

Week 6:   Ready for More:  Connecting to Your Bigger Life Vision:  Your 5 Year Best-Self Exercise

Week 7:   Design the Next Chapter & Pacing Ourselves

Week 8:   Entering the New Year & Trusting the Process – Clear Goals and Intentions to Kick off 2018

In these next 4 weeks we will open the door to your heart and allow your creative juices to get flowing again.  You will have fun connecting with your deeper desires and getting clear on what you want your next chapter of life to become.    You will be offered practical, supportive tools and processes that will help you nurture your dreams and keep them alive.  You will learn how to listen within for your next steps on a daily basis so that you can stay on the path to daily progress on your goals and dreams.

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January, Weeks 9 to 12:  Launching 2018 in a Powerful, Joyful Way!

Week 9:  The Power of Practicing Full Presence in our Relationships / Agenda-Free Connections

Week 10:  Continued Awareness:  Voices of Influence Exercise – Getting the Right Support Team in Place

Week 11:  Continued Awareness:  Self-Care as a Foundation for Personal Mastery & Well-Being

Week 12:  Progress Celebration & Re-cap of Our Time Together

This is YOUR year—-2018 will be different.  Because you just spent 8 weeks doing inner clean-out, doing inner excavation, re-connecting to your dreams and hopes and setting powerful intentions and goals…you will enter 2018 with new power to be your best and find progress in the areas of your life important to you.  And, you will be with a tribe of others who are in this together – inspiring, encouraging and cheering one another on.

If you need additional support–I can provide it!

If you want the amped up one-on-one personalized support during the program, you can upgrade your purchase and add three 30 minute personal coaching sessions for only $300 dollars more.  Click here to add coaching sessions.

Money Back Guarantee:  If you invest your time and truly feel you have not made any progress after these 12 weeks, I will be happy to refund your money in full.

If you have further questions, contact me here or drop me an email at info@patriciaomoqui.com